MSP Legal Domański Spychała Rackiewicz 

Attorneys and Legal Advisors

Partnership Company

Business Law and Taxes


Business continuously secured. Verify contracts, document transactions, monitor legal terms of cooperation. Take steps on solid ground. Check the possibilities of action in case of contract issues before a dispute arises.


Act legally in a manner that serves the company and its development. Find appropriate solutions that won't burden beyond necessity or surprise your company (after 5 years).


It's worth checking whether key processes in your company are correct and up-to-date, whether they are still beneficial and legal. Before problems reveal themselves.

Patterns and templates

Facilitate business and client operations by implementing regulations and optimal templates for repetitive tasks (offline and online). Assistance in automating processes.

 Public procurement

Defend your win or push back competitors if they fail to meet the conditions (formal, tax, substantive). Advice. Documents in proceedings. Inquiries. Appeals.

Debt collection

Recover what belongs to you. Optimize debt collection processes. Pre-legal, judicial, enforcement debt collections. E-court. Organizing the debt collection of a larger number of claims.

Business reorganization 

Manage risk. Protect interests and assets. Optimize company organization and asset structure, for the benefit of your company and for the benefit of your family.

Legal entities

Optimal legal form of operation for you / your company. Assistance in establishing and conducting business activities in appropriate forms. Comprehensive advisory, management, implementations.

Legal proceedings and disputes 

Negotiations and settlements

Negotiations and settlements. Given the circumstances, a settlement may prove to be the optimal solution. A satisfactory settlement minimizes the financial and time costs devoted to concluding the matter and maximizes the benefits that can be achieved. Bringing about such a settlement usually requires skillful exploration and combination of real elements of risk and benefit, whose convincing vision helps persuade the other party to settle. We offer case analysis and assistance in developing an optimal negotiation strategy at the stage before the outbreak of dispute, during its course, and already in the court process; we also offer support or direct representation in settlement negotiations, based on years of experience in amicably resolving disputes.